Earlier this year I decided we would start raising fang blennies at our hatchery. They are inexpensive, peaceful, bold, and perfect for reef tanks.

There are so many varieties of fang blennies, it's surprising that more breeders are not working with them. Out of three types of fang blennies we started with, our Komahara blennies were first to produce eggs.

The eggs are deposited in PVC pipes, which are easily removed for hatching the larvae directly into larval tanks. Once hatched, the larvae can begin feeding on rotifers right away.

Larval duration is about 25 days till settlement, which they'll quickly begin feeding on APbreed TDO pellets.

At about 15 days old, the larvae are quiet large and resemble tadpoles.



At about 25 days old, the blennies have settled into juveniles. At this stage, they are eating pellets and behaving like adults.



Text, pictures and videos: Chad Vossen

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