Kathy Leahy : Breeding saltwater fish in your home CAN be done. Here's how I do it. | MACNA 2019


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Kathy is saltwater fish hobbyist from St. Louis, Missouri. With over fifteen years of experience keeping saltwater fish, many of which were spent raising clownfish for her local and distant markets, Kathy more recently ventured into raising other species of marine ornamentals. Many gobies, damsels, shrimps, pipefish, and mandarins later, she successfully raised Centropyge bispinosa, also known as Coral Beauty Angelfish, from egg to adult, a species-first.
Kathy is a moderator of the Marine Breeding Initiative website, and has been an active forum participant, frequent contributor, and has earned the level of Advanced Breeder. She is a wife, mother of two adult children, bicyclist, gardener, and supervisor of a neuroscience research lab at Washington University School of Medicine.
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